The organizers of Dream Alive Talent Hunt have opened the call for their 2023 edition of the program.

The platform where Nigerian artists Rema and Alpha P were discovered is committed to creating a unique space that cultivates the general entertainment prowess of young people across a wide range of talents, from music to film, comedy, dance, folklore and other forms of entertainment.

The contestants are expected to take part in the hunting show, which will go a long way in attracting and generating massive interest in the artistic talent of the average young Nigerian who can be harnessed to improve the economic stability of the country.

“This year’s edition goes beyond the headhunt as the organizers have included empowerment programs for the headhunter winners. This is added to further encourage them to financially boost their careers. At the Dream Alive Talent Hunt Show, we are sincerely passionate about the artistic development of our youth, committed to their…