…police catch two more suspects

Edo state Communication and Guidance Commissioner Chris Nehikhare has said that six more of the 31 victims kidnapped at Igeben railway station have been rescued.

The commissioner revealed this during a press conference in Benin City, noting that two more suspects on the police wanted list had been arrested while an investigation was underway to determine their guilt in the kidnapping incident.

He said: “Six people have been rescued in the last 24 hours. Among those rescued are a 65-year-old man; a nursing mother and her baby; a six-year-old girl and two brothers, a boy and a girl between two and five years old.

“These six people have been rescued and our security forces have continued combing the bush to arrest other members of the fleeing kidnapping gang. I want to assure the people of Edo that the government is taking this matter seriously, making sure that the state is safe for the people of Edo.

“We are asking for information that leads to the arrest of other kidnappers. Two other suspects have been arrested for their involvement in the kidnapping in Edo Central, having previously been declared wanted by the police. They are in custody assisting the police with relevant information that will lead to the arrest of other gang members.”

Nehikhare further noted: “This is a sensitive issue and we need to keep the press and the public abreast of the current situation. I obtain authorization from security agencies before reporting to the press on this issue so as not to compromise their investigation. I am also appealing to the people of Edo to help with the information that will unravel this kidnapping incident.”

The commissioner assured the families of the victims that the Edo state government was taking the matter seriously, adding, “We have cordoned off a large part of the forest because no one knows the forest better than our hunters and security agencies. The bush-combing operation is ongoing and I am confident that very soon all the hostages will be rescued.”

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