One of the best ways to know it’s the weekend in Nigeria is to look for a group of women cooking in large pots or canopies erected in open spaces.

There is no doubt that Nigerians and owambes they are like 5 and 6; they are inseparable. So no matter what the purpose of a party is, whether it’s celebrating the birth of a child or buying a new blender, Nigerians cut it out – they love to throw parties.

And by parties, we don’t mean one consisting of thirty guests; we’re talking about the ones that are a true definition of the saying, “Go big or go home.”

Aside from the delicious foods, functional souvenirs, and the chance to sport fancy outfits, the owambes are one of the best places to meet different kinds of people.

Here is a list of eight types of people you have met or will meet in an Owambe in Nigeria.

Scenes from The Wedding Feast

8. Intruders

What is a Nigerian party without these people? Gatecrashers don’t need an invite; all they do is get the location…