The candidate, who gave facts and figures about where Nigeria was and would be if he were voted in for president on February 25, said education would not suffer under his rule and there would be no industrial action.

He said that all of the country’s problems, be it economic, educational, health, political, etc., revolved around a political leadership that had failed the country over the years.

Obi he said that leadership failure over the years and a refusal to do the right thing at the right time had been responsible for the challenges in the country.

The next election is about you, the young people and you must seize the opportunity to take back the country by insisting that character, competence and background guide your decision, not religion, tribe and region or my turn because it really is the turn of the crowded with young Nigerians who are wearing themselves out.

“The reason why my manifesto focuses on taking the country from consumption to production is to prevent the country from recycling poverty.

“The only thing this country is manufacturing is poverty, and Datti and I have come to change all that because no country grows by consuming, without producing.

“Poverty is increasing in Nigeria because we are not investing enough in education and health, which is what makes the difference between a rich country and a poor one.

“I assure you that all this will stop under my watch,Obi said.

According to him, life expectancy globally should be around 72 years, but in Nigeria it is 55 years due to the increasing level of poverty in the country that is so blessed.

“This country should not be poor because of its abundant natural and human resources,” he said.

Obi said that with his running mate Datti, they would stop the drift and position the country as the giant of Africa as it is professed by all.

He said that securing the country remains his number one priority because nothing, no matter how laudable, can be achieved without a secure environment.

The candidate said his administration would negotiate with agitators and deal with those who might be recalcitrant and uncooperative because there could only be one government in a country at a time.

Obi said he would remove the fuel subsidy on his first day in office if given the chance because it has become one big corruption racket.

Previously, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Abdul-Rashid Na’Allahpraised Obi for visiting the school to inspire the students.

Na’Allah said the purpose of the town hall meeting was to discuss issues related to politics, adding that “intellectual engagement is the foundation of political leadership.”

He said that it was necessary to examine the aspirants to govern the nation and that they should answer questions.