• A recent poll has revealed that House of Representatives hopeful for the Dekina/Bassa federal constituency of Kogi state, Austin Okai, leads
  • In the survey conducted by Nigerians Decide he was seen as the preferred candidate in the constituency
  • Ahead of 2023 general election, Okai leads APC candidate to top record in poll, by 106 votes

Dekina/Basa– Austin Okai leads Haruna of the All Progressives Congress (APC) by a wide margin in a new poll.

A recent poll by Nigerians Decide has singled out the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) House of Representatives candidate for the Dekina/Bassa federal constituency in Kogi, Comrade Usman Okai Austin, as the most preferred candidate in the district. electoral.

Okai leads APC’s Haruna in a new poll. Photo credit: Legit.ng
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Okai leads in a recent poll

The cerebral Kogi candidate has often sold his message of emancipation for the Igala people, exhibiting a passion still unmatched in the annals of politicking and political campaigning in the state.

The polls that convincingly helped him to the top of the record, garnering a princely 106 votes to beat All Progressive Congress (APC) candidate Haruna Paul Gowon (who polled 10 votes) to second place may be an indication. that their gospel of freedom from bumbling, corruption-laden leadership is now being fully taken over by Igalas who are desperate for change, using the power of the ballot during the House of Representatives election.

The Youth Ambassador has always been a strong advocate of good governance and effective representation of the people of Dekina/Bassa since time immemorial.

Okai’s chances increase ahead of the 2023 elections

With this poll, Okai is undoubtedly the beloved bride in the hearts of the Dekina and Bassa electorates respectively.

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Meanwhile, Austin Okai has called on voters to exercise their civic duties by getting their PVCs and voting in next month’s election.

Okai expresses joy chores Kogi people

In statements obtained by legit.ngOkai urged people to go home and mobilize votes for the party, stating that God had sanctioned the party’s victory at the polls.

“This election is a BVAS election; So it’s quite different from what we’ve been having, but I’m optimistic that we have the numbers to win.”

Okai says he will prioritize effective representation in Kogi East

In the meantime, legit.ng he had previously reported that Okai ensured his constituents effective representation if he was given the mandate in 2023.

He was reported to have made the pledge on Saturday 9 April during a meeting with party delegates from the Dekina/Bassa federal constituency, held in Ologba, Dekina local government area of ​​the state.

He said he would hold quarterly public meetings to ensure popular views and community needs are documented and followed up to ensure positive action.

Source: Legit.ng