C.Omrade Ina Okopi-Aqu, National Secretary of the African Action Congress (AAC) has stated that the Labor Party’s candidate for the upcoming presidential elections, Peter Obi, is not the alternative that Nigeria needs.

TheNewsGuru.com (TNG) reports that Comrade Okopi-Aqu made this claim on Saturday at a colloquium organized to assess the 2023 presidential election campaigns.

According to Okopi-Aqu, Mr. Obi was no different from the old political stock, hailing from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), adding that AAC presidential candidate Comrade Omoyele Sowore is a better choice.

“The alternative we are looking for in Nigeria, if it is the PDP or the Labor Party, then we don’t have an alternative yet. Nigeria needs a different alternative to the PDP, the Labor Party and the All Progressives Congress (APC). So, we want Nigerians to reconsider what the alternative is,” said the AAC National Secretary.

However, Diran Onifade, Head of the Obi-Datti Media Office, who was present at the event held virtually via Zoom, responded to the AAC Scribe, emphasizing that the Labor Party presidential candidate appeals to Nigerians in terms of expectations.

Onifade argued that the Labor Party is a special-purpose vehicle for the kind of leadership Nigerians have been longing for, adding that the ideas of Mr. Peter Obi and his record of service resonate with the people of Nigeria.

“Nigerians have become the fabric of the Labor Party because the ideas of our presidential candidate and his service records resonate with Nigerians.

“At first, it didn’t look like that. The 2023 presidential election looked like another contest between the two big parties. That was the kind of mindset with which we entered the election.

“We did not take into consideration the fact that right there, among the population, something was brewing that the politicians were not prepared for.

“They knew about the third force. As the electoral process began, the real third force emerged from the streets of Nigeria. That is the wave we are riding on,” Onifade said.