• A candidate for the House of Representatives on the platform of the Labor Party has revealed how the personality of the party’s standard-bearer, Peter Obi, will influence her victory in the upcoming elections.
  • Ahead of the 2023 election, Eunice Atuejide expressed her confidence that Obi’s goodwill would fuel her victory.
  • The prominent Nigerian businesswoman and politician added that she decided to run under the LP instead of the APC or PDP because of Obi and even dropped everything she is doing in the diaspora to fully join Nigerian politics.

Eunice Atuejide, a prominent Nigerian politician and businesswoman has expressed her willingness to serve the good people of the Apapa federal constituency in the House of Representatives in the upcoming general election.

The 42-year-old mother and grandmother, who is running for the Labor Party (LP) seat, has revealed the real reason she is choosing to run under Peter Obi’s party, a new party that largely represents the longings and Nigerian aspirations.

LP Reps Aspirant says she is ready to bring the desired change in Apapa, Lagos. Photo credit: Eunice Atuejide
Source: Facebook

Eunice Atuejide on why she is running with Labor Party instead of APC, PDP

In a chat with legit.ng on Sunday, January 29, 2023, he noted that he joined the Labor Party instead of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) or the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos state because of Peter Obi, the ‘character’ of the standard-bearer of the LP. ‘.

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She said,

“I chose Labor for Mr Peter Obi. I strongly believe that the goodwill that followed would propel Labor to the front line, therefore giving me a very good chance of winning over my APC counterparts in the Apapa Federal Constituency, Lagos State.”

Why I’m running for a House seat, Eunice reveals

Speaking about what really influenced her decision to participate, the former presidential candidate noted that it takes power to make and effect desired change in society, so she wants to gain the political power that would drive change and impact lives.

Eunice thought like this:

“I always knew that gaining political power was the longest-lasting and most sustainable way to massively and positively influence the well-being of our people.

“Therefore, I decided very early in my life to seek power at the highest possible level, so that I could help shape our policies and with that positive impact on our lives in the long term.”

Peter Obi, Elections 2023, Apapa, APC, PDP, Lagos State, Apapa Federal Constituency
LP Reps Aspirant says Obi has what it takes to make the desired change in Nigeria. Photo credit: Eunice Atuejide, Mr. Peter Obi
Source: Facebook

What will I do differently if I am chosen?

Unique and blessed, attorney Eunice revealed that the interests of the people have always been her top priority, so she will dwell on driving policies that would serve the best interests of the people in her constituency, Apapa Federal Constituency, if she were elected in the next election.

She thought like this:

“I will focus all my energy on driving policy, formulating and implementing legislation that serves the best interests of my people in Apapa, and all citizens and residents of Nigeria as a whole.

“I will not join the compromise system of legislating in Nigeria because I know it is one of the main drivers of the disease we all suffer from in this country.”

Eunice talks about Peter Obi’s candidacy, his journey into Nigerian politics and his conviction thus far.

The international lawyer practicing in Nigeria and the UK, and a new politician, revealed that Peter Obi is the main reason she returned home to join politics in Nigeria for good.

She added that she is convinced that Peter Obi will bring about the desired change Nigerians are clamoring for if they are given a chance in the upcoming elections.

Eunice pointed out that,

“Peter Obi is actually the reason I packed my bags and left the diaspora in 2016 to join politics in Nigeria for good.

“I heard his presentation about his administration as the two-term Governor of Anambra State on a show called The Platform on October 1, 2016. From that day on, I was convinced that I would do very well in the Nigerian political landscape. I knew since that day that I would be able to completely avoid doing evil as a public official, even when I might be permanently surrounded by evil people, who would persistently do bad things to our country and to the people.That knowledge fueled my already burning desire to intervene and help this country.

“So, in my opinion, Nigeria has never had such a good chance of choosing a perfect leader, because of the peculiar problems we have as a country.

“I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Peter Obi is experienced, honest, hardworking and empathetic enough to start the journey out of the abyss for us. And to get us very far very quickly.”

“Wahala for BVAS who will capture them”, Reactions as the masquerades show their PVCs, drum support for Peter Obi

On Saturday, January 28, a Twitter user, @itzz_blitz1, shared a video clip of three drumming masquerade balls in support of the Labor Party’s 2023 presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

The masquerades, sitting on the bare floor, urged Nigerians to make sure they go and collect their Permanent Voter Card which will allow them to cast their ballots on election days.

Singing songs in the local Igbo dialect, the group’s masquerade leader expressed his thanks to the former governor of Anambra State, who is said to be on his way to victory.

Elections: 6 Things Peter Obi Will Do Differently, LP House of Representatives Challenger Reveals

Eunice Atuejide, a candidate who seeks to represent the Apapa de Lagos constituency in the Federal House of Representatives, under the Labor Party (LP), expressed her confidence that the party’s standard-bearer, Peter Obi, will win the presidential election.

Facing the elections next month, scheduled for February 25, Atuejide, who was the presidential candidate of the National Interest Party (PNI) in 2019, said that the ENDSARS protest will return to the polls and that the youth will not allow Let them steal your votes.

In an interview with Legit.ng on Thursday, January 19, lawyer Eunice Atuejide noted that,

“I am confident that Peter Obi will win the next election because our ENDSARS protest will return on presidential election day, but this time the protest will be at the polls.”

Source: Legit.ng