On Sunday, a 37-page manifest of Uba Sani, the All Progressive Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate in Kaduna.

The document, titled ‘The Sustain Manifesto 2023’, is a compendium of Sani’s agenda for the state.

The agenda includes security and protection, improvement of infrastructure, strengthening of institutions, trade and investment, agriculture, investment in human capital and promotion of citizen participation.

Sani said that if he is elected, the document will serve as his administration’s contract with the people of the state.

He added that the document is the product of extensive and intense consultations.

Below are the highlights of the manifesto.


Kaduna is one of the sources of insecurity in the northwest of the country, with frequent attacks in the last two years.

In the document, Uba Sani vowed to ensure a secure, peaceful and united Kaduna state.

He said he will protect the state by investing in technology for law enforcement and security agencies, and will launch the Kaduna State Security Trust Fund to further support security agencies.

Sani promised better engagement with the federal government to ensure the deployment of security personnel and equipment for the proper provision of security in the state.


Sani said he will “consolidate and continue the APC government’s unprecedented infrastructure improvement program 2015-2023, to enhance public welfare and accelerate economic growth.”

The gubernatorial candidate said he will prioritize the implementation of the long-term Kaduna State Infrastructure Master Plan (KADIMP) and the revised Kaduna Master Plan.

Sani said that it will also implement the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system as a cost-effective, affordable and sustainable mass transit system.

He added that he will ensure the expansion of the state’s electrical infrastructure.


If elected, the APC gubernatorial candidate said he envisions a public service system staffed with qualified and motivated staff who are efficient in promoting good governance and delivering exceptional public service for citizen well-being and socio-economic growth. .

Sani said that to sustain the growth and development of a state, the support of a dedicated public service is required, with trained personnel who are committed to the public good.

He added that his administration will strengthen the public service for greater efficiency in the three arms of government.


As stated in Sani’s manifesto, his administration plans to build infrastructure, maintain economic competitiveness and position Kaduna as the home of agribusiness, light manufacturing and technology.

He said that given the chance to govern the state, his administration would maintain Kaduna’s status as one of the top investment destinations in Nigeria.

He promised to attract investment in more sectors, create jobs and promote technology transfer through vigorous investment promotion.


Sani said it will ensure food security by “encouraging investment in food production and processing and the manufacture of agricultural implements.”

The gubernatorial candidate said that his administration will guarantee a well-developed productive system of innovative and technologically driven agriculture, capable of satisfying food needs and the industrial sector.


Kaduna APC is dedicated to building and empowering people for development and prosperity. We believe that people are the resource that creates, develops or transforms all the resources that make civilized existence possible. It is well-educated and healthy people who have the skills to exercise initiative and the stamina for the hard work required to build a strong society and a prosperous economy,” the policy document says.

Sani said his administration will consolidate the work done to build and develop human capital in the state since 2015 by ensuring that all children continue to enjoy free primary and secondary education.

He said he will strengthen the standard of care at the 255 upgraded primary health centers in each district and improve social welfare programs and pro-poor interventions.