The European Union Election Observation Mission has said 100 observers will be deployed for the 2023 election.

This was stated by the EU EOM Chief Observer, Barry Andrews, during the launch of the EU EOM to Nigeria 2023, in Abuja on Monday.

Andrews said that the EU EOM was deployed by the EU following an invitation from the Independent National Electoral Commission and began its work on January 11, 2023 with the arrival of a core team of 11 experts with expertise in various aspects of elections.

He also stated that this is the seventh EU EOM in Nigeria since 1999, noting that for the first time in Nigeria, the mission has a dedicated election technology analyst who would assess the use of technologies, especially voter verification and transmission of results. .

The Head of Observation explained, “Our team structure is that we have the Head of Observation, the Deputy Head of Observation and we have 11 in our core team and they have been here since January 11. We have an electoral analyst, a political analyst, media experts, social media and principal analysts. Just yesterday, January 29, we deployed 40 long-term observers in 20 teams of two covering all 36 states across the country and we will rely on their observations and input from the data they were able to collect and gather from stakeholders to help complete the job we are working on right now.

“We will look at the implementation of the Electoral Law and all the changes that have taken place and the challenges that are unique to Nigeria. Each electoral environment has its own characteristics and we are aware of all those characteristics that affect the country. There are concerns related to new technology, the full implementation of the Electoral Law and the work of INEC.

“We will also deploy short-term observers in the immediate development of the elections who would be recruited locally. We are very grateful for the cooperation, not only the EU delegations here, but also Canada, Norway and Switzerland have contributed their temporary observers for this. In due course, we would have 100 observers covering Election Day. The 100 observers will observe the voting, counting and tabulation procedures on February 25 and March 11.”

Andrew added that after the data and observations obtained from long-term observers, a preliminary statement will be issued two days after the general election.

It said: “The EU EOM will issue a preliminary statement two days after each election day and will remain in Nigeria until the completion of the entire electoral process, including the complaints and appeals processes, and any potential runoff presidential elections.” .

The Chief Observer, however, encourages “authorities, candidates, and political parties to commit to peaceful conduct before, during, and after Election Day.”