It looks like things are about to take another dramatic turn as an actor, Alexx Ekubo’s sister just opened up about the ongoing caper between her brother and his ex-fiancée, Fancy Acholonu.

Alexx Ekubo’s sister Ifeoma lost her cool in a recent online interview about claims that her brother was not sexually active with Fancy for five years.

In the Obodo Oyibo TV online interview, Alexx’s sister said that she doesn’t understand why Fancy made a statement that has now caused people to start questioning her brother’s sexuality. She insists that her brother is not gay, since the genes for being gay do not run in her family.

This comes after Fancy’s claims that she and Alexx never made love during the five years they were together because Alexx wanted to be celibate.

According to Ifeoma, both ex-lovers told her that they made love together in January after reconciling, hence her anger over rumors that he is gay.

He kept ridiculing Alexx’s ex-fiancée…