La Liga side Cádiz FC have been tasked by a host of Nigerian soccer faithful to scout the country’s huge talent pool, saying it will help the club maintain its status in Spain’s top flight, Tidesports’ source reports.
The call for the Yellow Submarines to come to Nigeria came after the club on its Twitter account sent a celebratory message to the West African country.
“Happy New Year 2023 to all our Nigerian friends. We hope to get the same support from you this year,” the tweet reads.
It was not the first time that the club had tagged Nigeria in its tweet. The club celebrated the country in celebration of its independence last year.
In reaction to the post, fans called for the club to get hold of the Nigerian talents.
Marshal Medusa wrote on Twitter: “Come to Lagos, Enugu and Kaduna. There are many talents here that you will get with little money.”
Another Twitter user, Jubilant, added: “Come to Nigerian secondary schools and you will see talents being wasted. Boys who have a great future but without a sponsor”.
“Happy New Year to you too. When will you open your academy in Nigeria? There is a talent pool of young Nigerians that both parties can benefit from,” asked Agoziem Midas.
Olumide Amos wrote: “Don’t just greet us Happy New Year, show you have a good relationship with Nigeria. Come and look for players in Nigeria.”
Majesty MLM also urged the club to sign a Nigerian player.
“Sign one of our guys now, we have enough talent spread across Europe and also on our local lease. Make it happen.”
Ibrahim Deba said: “Thank you, we love you. You have our support”.