Federal Capital Territory Minister Mohammed Bello has called on residents to ensure peaceful general elections in the territory as the nation enters the New Year.

The minister made the call in a New Year’s message to Abuja residents, which was obtained by our correspondent on Saturday.

Bello, who recalled his 2022 New Year’s message where he urged residents to peacefully participate in the Area Council elections, urged residents to again ensure peace and unity during the February 25, 2023 general election. He added that residents must resist attempts to cause disharmony and disaffection in the territory.

“On behalf of the FCT Administration, it is an honor and a great pleasure to wish all the residents of the FCT a very happy and prosperous New Year. As we begin our journey towards 2023, which occupies a very important place in the democratic development of our country, I wish to applaud the residents of the territory for their exemplary conduct not only in our collective quest to build a dignified capital territory for our country, but also for remaining faithful to the principles of unity and peaceful coexistence, which is the foundation on which the FCT is based.”

“Exactly one year ago, in my 2022 New Year message, I urged the residents of the territory to actively participate in the Area Council elections. Once again, I congratulate all of you for abiding by the democratic and legal processes in the election of council presidents. Once again, I call on all of us, in the same spirit of peace, unity and togetherness, to participate in the 2023 general elections to be held next month.

As FCT residents, we are bound to live up to the ideals of the Territory’s founding fathers as a place all Nigerians can call home. Therefore, we must collectively resist any attempt to cause discord and disaffection within our ranks. Elections in the FCT have always been peaceful. Let’s make sure that the upcoming elections in 2023 also reflect this.”

The FCT minister also praised the residents for their understanding of the FCTA’s infrastructure and development initiatives, while asking for their cooperation in further efforts to remove illegal structures and settlements, to ensure the sanctity of the Abuja Master Plan. .

Bello also warned residents against the destruction and theft of public infrastructure and urged residents to treat government property as personal property and protect government assets.