I am Bamise. I was born and raised in Lagos; Bariga, to be precise. I was literally born in the house where I live. In my street they call me ‘Burna girl’. I think it’s because of my fashion style. Today, I almost had a food coma from the pounded yam, and I’m a Capricorn.

eat food? Wow. How would you describe what you do?

In fact, I do a lot of things. I am tired of saying that I am a writer when there is more. So I sat down and decided that “creative industry entrepreneur” is the best way to describe me. For the most part, I just sell my ideas.

What’s the best idea you’ve sold so far?

The articles I wrote for NotJustOk. I’ve had some really standouts. In 2020, I made a list titled “Seyi Vibez, Bella Shmurda, and Other Street Pop Artists You Should Know About.” While everyone else wasn’t sure about Wizkid Made in Lagos, was one of the few projects I reviewed. I wrote that it was a really good album and a…