An actress, Ferrari Okoro, who became a mother a few months ago, says motherhood has changed everything for her.

Recalling her maternity journey, she said Sunday Scoop, “Motherhood has changed everything in me. Motherhood changes you from the moment you set eyes on your child. Before doing anything, you have to think about your child. It makes you a better version of yourself.”

Asked if she would like to change something about herself, the US-based role-player said: “If I say that I want to change something about myself, it means that I am saying that what God has done for me is a mistake.

But, God never makes a mistake. However, I wish my parents were still here. I wish I wasn’t an orphan, but God knows better. The Bible says that not even a leaf can fall from a tree without God knowing about it. For the glory of God, I won’t change a thing about myself.”

Describing her close relationship with the older actress, Jaiye Kuti, Okoro said, “She is like a mother to me. Part of my baby’s name is Jaiyeola. She is a strong woman; She is one of the most real people I have ever met. She inspires me in every way. I don’t have an industry relationship with her; We have a mother-daughter relationship.”

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