As insecurity, poverty and underdevelopment soar in Nigeria, the African Council for Communication Education, ACCE, has called on the federal government to refocus efforts on the application of science, technology and innovation in their development goals.

ACCE President Professor Nnamdi Ekeanyanwu made the call during the 23rd Annual International Conference/AGM titled ACCE/UNIZIK 2022, with the theme: “Communicating science, technology and innovation in times of economic distress, terror and pandemic”.

In a statement signed by the president and made available to journalists in Uyo on Thursday, the council advised STI agencies to incorporate a communication component to resolve development crises in Nigeria.

He described Nigeria as a country of many paradoxes with rich resources but still poor; with vibrant but unemployed youth, a population rich in diaspora exploits but still struggling at home adding that the high rate of terrorist attacks, religious extremism and separatist agitations have compounded the deteriorating situation in the country.

He said: “The solutions to the difficult economic times generated by years of political mismanagement and corruption, as well as the debilitating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the worrying environmental/food/climate crises in Nigeria lie in science, technology and innovation. ”