The Nigerian News Agency (NAN) reports that the scorecard series was organized by the Ministry of Information and Culture to showcase the achievements of the Buhari administration.

Presenting the dashboards of his ministry, Pantami said that since the presentation of the National Policy on Virtual Commitments for Federal Public Institutions in October 2020, no less than 108 virtual FEC meetings have been held.

He said that of the 108 virtual FEC meetings held, 66 attacks were made to compromise the meetings from Europe, but all failed.

The minister said that all the cases were reported to the corresponding authorities for registration and action.

He recalled that the National Virtual Commitment Policy was launched to formalize online government meetings such as the FEC and State Council meetings.

The minister said that with the policy developed with the Federation Service Headquarters, virtual government meetings can be held effectively and legally.

He said that the implementation of the virtual meetings had saved the country over N47 billion which could have been used if they had been held physically.

The minister also revealed that in line with Buhari’s vision of lifting millions of Nigerians out of poverty, no less than 2.2 million jobs were created in the digital sector in the past three years.

He said that the feat was achieved in the sector with the implementation of the Decrees signed by the President to prioritize indigenous content and the indigenous professional in the execution of national projects.

Pantami said that in the execution of the works, the planning and design of the projects, as well as in the appointments of the main officials of the country’s digital sector, priority was given to indigenous professionals.

He said that his ministry also prioritizes the execution of programs and projects that can generate direct and indirect jobs.