The Federal Government has sealed an agreement with the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) and the West African Police Information Program (WAPIS) to put an end to insecurity in Nigeria.

Police Affairs Minister Muhammad Dingyadi spoke Tuesday during a meeting with the global security organization.

INTERPOL’s Executive Director of Police Services, Kavanagh Stephen, visited the Ministry’s headquarters in Abuja.

Dingyadi announced that WAPIS and INTERPOL are ready to support Nigeria in making the country safe.

The minister said that the crimes are complex and vary from different places, urging the parties concerned to join forces to end the challenge.

Dingyadi confirmed that there used to be a lack of synergy between security agencies, as they refused to share the information they had at their disposal.

“We have many criminal problems. We require cooperation from anywhere to help us stop these crimes,” he told Stephen.

Speaking, the director said that information sharing between security, border and intelligence agencies would lead to credible and up-to-date data.

“We are not here to have a good time. We are here to make sure we understand how WAPIS can help West Africa share data between security agencies effectively,” Stephen added.