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If “White Lotus” were directed by Ari Aster, it might look something like this creepy Mexican resort thriller from Sebastián Hofmann. At a snazzy tropical time share recently acquired by a global franchise, Pedro (Luis Gerardo Méndez), his wife and their son encounter a series of mishaps that teeters between amusingly odd and disturbingly sinister.

Their misfortunes begin when they’ve barely arrived for their vacation and learn that their villa has been double-booked. Faced with a comically inept staff, they now have to share the house with a rube-ish family of five. Meanwhile, in the bowels of the resort, a depressed laundry worker, Andres (Miguel Rodarte), and his saleswoman wife, Gloria (Montserrat Marañon), are being put through some strange training program by their new American executives, who want to mine the couple’s traumas for profit-making schemes.

The ruthlessness of global capitalism, the emotional labor of the hospitality…