Golden Penny, the iconic brand of Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (FMN) launches a new flavor of spicy noodles with the label Golden Penny JollofHot Hot noodles. The introduction of this tasty new noodle variant is part of the Group’s commitment to offer a wider range of premium quality food product options for consumers to taste delicious and meet their daily dietary needs at an affordable price.

This new flavor offers consumers and customers of Golden Penny Instant Noodles an extra spicy, tempting and nutritious option for Jollof noodles. The new product also symbolizes FMN’s dedication to providing high-quality, affordable food products while listening to customers’ varied tastes and nutritional needs.

the gold penny hot jollofhotnoodles comes in a 70g pack, fortified with protein, vitamins and minerals, and is a great source of energy. gold penny jollofhot It also comes packed with an exclusive blend of spices that gives it a tantalizingly spicy flavor, aroma, and pleasant peppery sensation when consumed.

Commenting on the timely and beneficial impact of the new Golden Penny Noodles flavour, FMN Marketing Director Mr. Ilyas O. Kazeem stated, “As a leading food brand in Nigeria, we aim to continuously innovate and provide quality products. good quality that impact. positively, the life of every Nigerian, as such Golden Penny provides Nigerians with great tasting, superior quality and nutritious food products. Our unwavering commitment to this mandate for more than six decades has endeared millions of consumers to our brand and range of products. Therefore, based on this, we launched the new Golden Penny Jollof Hot Noodles, to meet the unique flavor profile and needs of our consumers. In addition, the new Golden Penny jollof hot noodles flavor is launched at the right time, allowing consumers to enjoy the special hot jollof flavor with their families, especially during this festive season. We would continue to evolve and innovate across our value chain and products based on feedback from our consumers and product needs.”

Further highlighting the nutritional value and benefits of the newly launched noodle flavor, Noodle Category Manager Mr. Ayokunle M. Iyiola stated, “The new Golden Penny Jollof Hot Hot Noodles flavor has a rich blend of unique ingredients that give Jollof a spicy and savory flavor and color. The new noodle flavor is convenient for cooking as it can be prepared in three minutes and fully enjoyed with or without additional ingredients. It is a non-sticky, non-soggy, spicy, flavorful and nutritious meal that can be eaten at any time of the day, and as is customary with all Golden Penny products, the Jollof Hot Hot noodle is of superior quality prepared with your needs in mind. dietetics of our consumers”.

gold penny jollof hot hot joins the beloved line of Golden Penny instant noodle flavors; Pepper Soup with Goat Meat, Chicken Noodles and Jollof Chicken Noodles. As Nigeria’s leading food and agri-food group, FMN, through its iconic brand, Golden Penny is committed to offering superior quality products that meet the different nutritional needs of families, groups and communities.

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