President Muhamamdu Buhari has blamed Nigeria’s insecurity problem on powerful countries bent on destroying Nigeria.

Buhari made the remarks Monday in Kano at a presidential luncheon after his tour of the state to commission projects from Governor Ganduje’s administration.

According to him: “One can clearly see how these foreign countries took over our weakest part of Nigeria, Lake Chad, where we have crude oil reserves, and caused serious chaos there with constant attacks.”

But for Governor Zulum, who is serious about his duty, the history of the area around Lake Chad would have been different now, Buhari said.

The president recalled that in 2015, when he took office, only four of Borno’s 17 local government areas were not in the hands of Boko Haram.

“And we are aware that people are using insurgents who are fraudulent to cause trouble, but today most of these local governments [areas] They are free,” he said.

The president added that those behind the insecurities knew that Borno was a potentially wealthy state. “That’s why when I was governor there, I went to Niger, Chad and even Cameroon because you need your neighbors to survive,” he said.

Buhari, who expressed his happiness with Governor Ganduje for the infrastructure development in Kano State, also praised the governors of Lagos, Kaduna, Katsina and Kogi states for doing good in their respective states.

The president also urged the elite to work on the education of the youth, saying that the lack of education among them is a problem.

President Buhari also joked that he has great qualities, including suffering and enjoyment, while recalling that he had been in prison and had run for president several times.