A former chairperson of Ebonyi state’s Afikpo South local government area, Barr Eni Chima, on Thursday exonerated people from the Ekoli Edda community in the council area of ​​the murder of Ebubeagu commander Kalu Chima’s wife.

This is how he promised to use his time, energy and resources to, in collaboration with security agencies, unravel the perpetrators of the heinous act. He also urged wrongdoers to stay away from his antics of disunity and insults to curry favor with the authorities.

The late seven-month pregnant Mrs. Urenwa Chima was shot dead on Sunday by thugs who also set fire to her husband’s house in Ama Etiti-Amoso ​​village, Etiti Edda community, Afikpo South LGA, at 2: 30 a.m.

the punch reports that mixed reactions have continued following his assassination, with rumors in some quarters that the former council head was allegedly behind it.

But in a quick reaction, Eni claimed that neither he nor any member of his Ekoli Edda community had anything to do with the incident, calling on the relevant authorities to take action to uncover those responsible and bring them to justice.

He said: “The murder of a pregnant woman and wife of the Commander of the Ebubeagu Security Operations in Afikpo South Local Government Area is extremely wicked and reprehensible. This barbaric act cannot be excused under any pretext, and I will invest my time, material, and other resources to get to the root of the matter and bring the perpetrators to justice by law enforcement agencies.

“While I condemn in the strongest terms these satanic acts, I dare say that the general public should not be fooled by attempts by desperately evil individuals to divert attention from an objective, thorough and diligent investigation. The red herring will not hold and its dubious conclusion will not last, as it will be exposed for what it is: a hoax.

“I do not wish to attach problems with the SA to the Governor of Ebonyi State on Internal Security, Hon. Eze Panchris Ikechukwu, in connection with the statement attributed to him to the effect that the arson atrocities and the murder of a pregnant woman are attributed to Barr. Eni Uduma Chima, former Chairman of Afikpo South Local Government Area, as patron and “those who call themselves Warriors of Edda or Ekoli…”

“Hon. Eze Panchris Ikechukwu may be speaking from an honest but ignorant mindset, especially having no training in crime and investigation. But then, such a provision should not be a license to sell dolls to the public when you have ample room to check and find facts.

“Eze may also be speaking from emotions, considering the enormity of the crimes and the fact that the Ebubeagu Commander, whose wife was killed, is his comrade. Also, in the immediate aftermath of the unpleasant events at Ekoli Edda on December 26, 2022, there is a temptation to hasty generalizations, but one must be wary of words that are not supported by corresponding facts.

“I dare to state that the arson and murder of a pregnant woman in Amoso ​​Edda has nothing to do with the people of Ekoli-Edda, who unfortunately reacted violently to the murder of a youth leader, Mr. Eseni Kalu Egwu, in Ekoli Edda. . Amoso ​​Edda’s atrocities have nothing to do with Barr’s supporters and loyalists, either. Eni Uduma Chima, who is currently being harassed from all sides by Ebubeagu’s agents.”