With just weeks to go before the presidential and national assembly elections, former northern members of the House of Representatives from all political parties are mobilizing in earnest for the election of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar.

Initially, it was the forum of former PDP representatives that met quarterly to garner support for the party’s candidate, but more former lawmakers from other political parties have joined the movement to work for Atiku saying he has more experience in political leadership, human . relationships and more socially accessible than other presidential candidates.

A few days ago in Abuja, a large number of ex-legislators, both Christian and Muslim from across the North Central, North East and North West came together to hone strategies towards a victorious election for the ex VeePee.

This is not surprising considering Wazirin Adamawa’s style of politics, which relates to and respects everyone on the basis of justice and equity.

Key strategic and political players are no longer taking a chance on the leadership deficiency that besets the country and has created so many problems and crises, leading to an escalation of socio-economic, security and other concerns for the nation. Problems that are expected to be solved through the instrumentality of democracy itself have gotten out of hand with elected political leaders behaving abnormally and showing no signs of ability and willingness to address them.

The national mood and psyche has been one of isolation, exclusivity, frustration, depression, and starring hopelessness, while those in charge of affairs watch helplessly. It is very obvious that the situation has overwhelmed the leadership of the country headed by President Muhamadu Buhari under the watchful eye of the ruling APC. It is no longer news that things are not going well with Nigeria, nor with its people and its systems. The growing level of fear, poverty, division, backwardness, insecurity, lack, pain, anguish, hypertension, and even death is unimaginable, yet the nation’s leadership has not shown the expected or commensurate concern or paid due attention. To solve it.

It all starts with a strong desire to mobilize support for PDP presidential candidate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and his running mate Senator Ifeanyi Okowa to win the 2023 presidential election and continue in the excellent spirit in which the pdp. Overwhelming speeches and well calculated comments of compromise and fervent determination to regain power dominated the air. It was a moment of history, review and optimistic postulation.

It was a gathering of eminent political players that spanned nearly every constituency in the nation for former Green Chamber legislators, some of whom later became senators. To bolster the morale of such determination, the former legislators also agreed to hold an international summit on leadership as a way to spark active leadership thinking and generate new leadership ideas necessary for contemporary democratic consolidation. The summit seeks to bring together all political actors, encourage them on the objectives of the party in government, establish a comparison between what the party left in 2015 and the problems that currently occur in the country under the APC. It was an excellent consensus agreed to reinvigorate the party machine to win the 2023 general election and for a new wave of government expected to be fueled by a PDP-led presidency next year under Atiku and Okowa.

The meaning of such a meeting is better to imagine than to describe. It is a fall from patriotic concern for the nation and the sheer willingness to come together to change the course of government for the better. As politicians committed to the nation, it is not acceptable to observe the diminishing style of government in the country under the current administration in which the strong legacies of the PDP have been exhausted. The truth is that governance has been reduced to its lowest point. Having lost power in 2015 and 2019 to the APC, the ruling power has done nothing close to what the PDP achieved between 1999 and 2015, hence the fervent desire to reinvent Nigeria’s previous successes and prosperity. Congratulations to the former legislators.

As the meeting gathers momentum, it is expected that all former legislators, especially those in the green chambers, will come together to find a way forward for the good governance of this nation. From experience, these legislators have much to bring to add value to the leadership process, having also learned from past inadequacies and limitations. The goal here is to save the country from impending collapse. If near the end of an eight-year term and APC hasn’t put anything new in the ground, and the good legacies of the past are wearing thin, then it’s a matter of grave concern for any politician feeling the pulse of the Nation.

As the country’s former vice president, Atiku has much to offer the nation where he ended his productive and resourceful tenure. Along with his boss, former President Olusegun Obasanjo, he accomplished a lot between 1999 and 2007 and continued under the late Musa Ya’Adua of blessed memory and Goodluck Jonathan. His legacies remain largely the pride of the nation.