The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu raised the alarm on Wednesday that the ongoing fuel shortages experienced across the country and the redesigned Naira banknotes unveiled by the Central Bank of Nigeria ( CBN), were plans to sink the upcoming 2023 elections.

Tinubu therefore charged Nigerians not to let fuel shortages discourage them from exercising their civic responsibility, particularly by voting for their party’s victory in the elections.

Tinubu emphatically declared that the prevailing fuel shortage was sabotage and a deliberate attempt by the wrongdoers to cause public discontent towards the APC.

The APC presidential standard-bearer spoke in Abeokuta as his campaign train was born in Ogun State for the presidential campaign rally, which was held at the popular MKO Abiola International Stadium, Kuto, Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State .

The highly elated Tinubu said he was coming with a “great revolution” that will change the misfortune and suffering of the Nigerian masses for the better and raise the standard of living of the citizens.

Alleging conspiracy and mischief between certain elements within the corridors of power, Tinubu said the recently redesigned Naira currency was also part of the plot to thwart the public, even as it is hoarding anyway.

“Even if they say there is no fuel, we will walk to vote. They have a lot of mischief, they could say that there is no fuel. This one too, they think they can cause a crisis by sabotaging the fuel supply.

“They are sabotaging the fuel supply. Whether there is fuel or not, whether there is Okada (motorcycle) or not, whether there is tricycle or not, we will go vote and win. This is a top revolution and when I tell you, you know what I mean. You know me, we go there to win.

“They have been scheming to create a fuel crisis, but forget it. Relax, I, Asiwaju, have told you that the issue of fuel supply will be permanently addressed. Whoever wants to eat the honey embedded in a mountain will not worry about the axe. It is not like this? And if you want to eat palm kernel, you will bring stone and use it to break it, then the seed will come out. Is not easy.

“That they increase the price of fuel, only they know where they have hoarded the fuel. They hoarded money, they hoarded Naira; We will go vote and we will win. Even if they change the ink on the Naira notes. Whatever his plans, he will come to nothing. We will win. Those of the PPD will lose (wón ma lu lè).

“I am a homeboy, I have come here, you will not be ashamed, we will take the government from them, the traitors who wanted to compete with us. They have no experience.

“This is a revolution. This election is a revolution. They are conspiring, but they will fail. They said that the fuel price will increase and reach N200 per litre. Go and relax. They don’t want these elections to take place, they want to sink them,” Tinubu lamented.

Speaking about his plans for young Nigerians, Tinubu vowed to introduce a student loan scheme as well as develop an education policy that will permanently address teacher agitation issues and ensure students graduate from school at the appropriate time. .

“In this case, I guarantee you one thing: there will be a student loan. No one will drop out of college because of school fees. I guarantee you that no one will have to repeat eight years and not graduate.

“Bean! We are too smart, we are bright, we are brave, we are sharp, we will do a four-year course, a four-year course. Do you agree? Would you vote if there is fuel or not? Call your sisters, we are bringing the revolution,” she added.