The governor of the state of Akwa Ibom, Udom Emmanuel, has warned the political class to avoid actions capable of threatening the unity of Nigeria in its search for votes for the next general elections.
Emmanuel made the warning in his remarks on Sunday during the 2023 Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebrations in Uyo.
He said the nation should appreciate and redouble efforts to show undying gratitude to the families of the military and slain war veterans.
The Governor called on Nigerians from all walks of life to overcome diversity and deepen their unity with each other in gratitude for the sacrifices that fallen heroes paid for the nation.
He urged Nigerians to further extend the borders of love and brotherhood, so that the sacrifices of the brave officers and men of the Nigerian Armed Forces are not in vain.
“We are gathered here today for this deeply solemn annual event to honor the sacrifices, patriotism and bravery of our proud men and women who donned our military uniforms, carried arms and went out, motivated primarily by the uplifting spirit of volunteering to fight for our country and in the process helped secure the peace we now enjoy.
“Today, the seed of our liberties, the foundations of our territorial integrity, the pillars of our unity, fragile as they may be, were secured through the blood of these patriots.
“Our diversity, which should form a rainbow of strength, is being exploited for limited political advantage, while zero-sum game tactics are still employed and implemented across the country.
“As we prepare to elect our new group of leaders, I urge our political class to understand that we need the country to be one indissoluble entity, for our leadership aspirations to be realized.
“We must not threaten the unity of this nation out of a narrow desire to be in power, if these brave men and women paid the ultimate price for us to remain in peace and harmony.
“We must also pay them a corresponding price of appreciation and gratitude by ensuring that the bonds of our unity, justice, equality, fairness and love remain our permanent articles of faith,” Emmanuel said.
Emmanuel said that the duty to support the brave patriots should be a collective responsibility and should not be left to governments alone, stressing that it is not enough to remember the date without sufficient support for war veterans.
“We must improve the well-being of our soldiers, ensure that they live in dignified environments and guarantee a future of growth and development for their children, who often bear the brunt of the sacrifices that their parents made in the service of the nation,” he said. . saying.
The governor said that the State Government over the years has continued to support the military formation located in the state in the area of ​​infrastructure and welfare.