A human rights organization under the auspices of the National Interests Advocates Coalition raised the alarm on Thursday about a new plot to launch what it described as a coordinated attack and smear campaign against Nigerian Central Bank Governor Godwin Emefiele. , due to main bank policies.

The organization, which claimed plans to attack CBN’s headquarters had been finalized, said the Department of State Services planned to re-arrest Emefiele, despite a standing court order.

CNID Coordinator Tochukwu Ohazuruike said there was already a plan perfected to fabricate another indictment to help them arrest Emefiele, force him to resign, to pave the way for the appointment of a DSS puppet as interim CBN governor despite numerous judgments of competent courts. jurisdiction.

Calling for the president’s intervention, Ohazuruike said, “Despite clear and direct orders from the FCT High Court, the DSS insisted that they would arrest Emefiele. The flagrant violation of the rule of law is very worrying. Nigeria is a democracy and as such the rule of law must prevail at all times.”

He alleged that money launderers, vote buyers, election rigs and corrupt politicians were the sponsors of the plot to remove the CBN governor.

“Some governors who looted bailout funds to their states from which the CBN recovered huge amounts, including a governor from whom the CBN recovered N20bn, are part of those calling for Emefiele’s head,” he said.

According to him, around $2 million had allegedly been mobilized to organize smear campaigns in the media and protests against Emefiele and CBN.

The CSOs called on the DSS to apologize to Emefiele for the trauma it caused him, and on the president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret.), for opposing their policies and showing support.

Speaking on the subject of the allegedly looted N89tn stamp tax fund, Ohazuruike asked a series of questions.

He said: “How is it possible that the N50 charge on electronic transactions is more than all financial transactions in our country? How can they say that we have N89tn of N50 charge stamp duty while the foreign exchange reserve of the entire nation is nowhere near that amount?

“How is it possible that we can have N89tn while all our nation’s bank assets, bank profits and all bank deposits don’t reach that amount? How can we have N89tn with only N50 charges when the total budget of the nation since 2016 when President Muhammadu Buhari first presented a budget till date is only N95tn?

“It means that this amount could have financed all the country’s budgets since this administration took office. How could that be?”