The Federal Government has dismissed more than 500 “illegal employees” of the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

The people affected were said to have been employed at the ministry weeks before the 2019 election, but without a resignation from the federation’s Office of the Head of the Civil Service.

According to an internal circular signed by the ministry’s Director of Human Resources Management, Hussain AbdallahRahman, obtained by The wirethe employees were dismissed due to the refusal of a committee to incorporate them into the platform of the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System.

The IPPIS, being a platform under the office of the General Accountant of the Federation, is being used for the payment of salaries directly to the bank accounts of government employees with the corresponding deductions and remittances of third party payments.

IPPIS has also been a bone of contention between the Union of Academic Staff of Universities and the Federal Government, with the former introducing another payment system known as the University Transparency and Accountability Solution.

In the circular, AbdallahRahman pointed out that the Ministry of Labor’s non-compliance with the HoS directive during the recruitment process was the main reason for the dismissal of the workers.

The circular further instructed the affected workers to return all government property under their care to their respective unit heads.

“With reference to the letter of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation Ref. No. NICSF/PS/CMO/IPPIS/S.2/VOLT dated September 5, 2022, on the above topic, I am instructed to inform The people listed below that the New Employee Registration Committee on the IPPIS platform do not process your registration.

“In addition, the recruitment exercise was carried out without resignation from his position.

“All affected individuals are hereby requested to immediately return any government property or property in their possession to department/unit heads,” the circular, dated December 29, 2022, reads.

It was also revealed that according to a high-ranking ministry source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the affected personnel were the ones who paid for the jobs, adding that the laid off workers, while some were given IPPIS numbers and proper identification, others were not.

Ministry spokesman Olajide Osundun said the ministry had resolved to release the affected employees after their employment could not be legalized.

“The ministry had no choice now but to ask the 512 to leave because they were not captured for pay. They have not been paid their salary since the time they received the employment letters. The summary of it was that the appointment was illegal.

“There is nothing to do to correct the illegality. The current administration of the ministry has nothing else to do after several failed efforts than to leave ”, he said. The wire.