How I will address security challenges – Obi

Dirisu Yakubu and El-Ameen Ibrahim, Abuja

Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi has vowed to build a broad-based framework to address the perennial security challenges facing the nation if he is elected Nigeria’s president in next month’s elections.

Obi, who said this on Sunday at the 2023 Popular Town Hall organized by Canales Televisión, said that if elected, security personnel would be well motivated to perform their duties optimally as expected.

He said, “For our men and women in security, we will make sure they are motivated, supported and properly insured and we will make sure they have the confidence that their families are protected should anything happen to them. All procurement in the Armed Forces and other sectors must be transparent. It must be measurable and visible. The days of doing things on the sly are gone.

“We need to involve all communities in Nigeria in security, where each community protects its community and shares information with other communities.

“We have to be alive for the constitution to be amended, not wait until we are all dead to do something. I will use my powers as president and commander-in-chief to secure Nigeria as quickly as possible,” he promised.

Obi, who vowed to use up all the carrots before bringing the sticks, recounted a personal experience visiting an internally displaced persons camp in Benue state.

“I visited a camp for internally displaced persons in Benue state. I listened to their problems and told them if I were the president of Nigeria, ‘I will take your problems personally because as long as you are in an IDP camp, Nigeria and Nigerians are in an IDP camp.’

In his opening remarks, Obi’s running mate Datti Baba-Ahmed expressed the former Anambra State Governor’s willingness to address critical areas that would unlock Nigeria’s potential.

“We will address the aggravated and unprecedented corruption. We deserve the votes of Nigerians because it is becoming a character based election backed by track record, competence and ability. Northern Nigeria is paying a huge price today because they have been voting along ethnic and religious lines for so long. Let’s stop the killing and start the healing; stop stealing and start saving; stop the slide of our currency and start the rise of our society,” he said.

Informing his decision to join the presidential race, the former governor of Anambra State said that the desire to see a new Nigeria where the citizens would be proud of their country motivated him to seek the support of the people.

“I decided to be a part of this race because we want to start changing Nigeria for Nigerians. We want to build a nation where everyone is respected,” he said, stressing that any leader who wants Nigeria to succeed must take the personal interest of him and his friends and groups out of his hands. That is the only way Nigeria can achieve it and we are ready to do it,” she assured.

Meanwhile, the LP’s presidential candidate blamed unnamed government officials for the country’s failure to meet its quota for crude oil sales on the international market.

“Nigeria cannot meet the foreign quota of oil sales in the international market because the people in the government are allowing the theft of oil in Nigeria.”

And to deal with the perennial power outage, Obi vowed to revive the sector within his first four years in power.

“Within four years in office, we will be able to distribute 20,000 megawatts of electricity to Nigerians, or even more,” he said, noting that it will be invested in education given its relationship to development.

“Education is an investment because the more your people are educated, the more development you will see. Health, education and lifting people out of poverty will have the highest priority in my government,” she added.