A shoemaker, Abiodun Dada, recounts how his cousin, then 17, poured acid on him when he was a baby.

Dada recounts the day of the incident. From what she heard, she said his cousin came home from work, went straight to the bedroom, and took him to the backyard where he poured acid on her face and mouth with the intention that he wouldn’t survive.

He revealed that he spent four years in Jos University Teaching Hospital receiving treatment after a neighbor’s daughter told his parents about the incident and he was rushed to hospital.

Dada further added that the incident that occurred on June 30, 1993 when he was 18 months old affected him both negatively and positively. He said that he is discriminated against and that he couldn’t finish school because the schools kept rejecting him.

He also revealed that his cousin poured acid on him because of a fight between his cousin and his mother and even though his cousin was arrested, he was released because it was a family issue.

His wife, Rumoke, also spoke about her challenges when introducing Dada to her parents, adding that her father initially disowned her, but she went ahead and married him, because they are both happy with each other.

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