By Miftaudeen Raji

Hauwa Atiku-Uwais, the daughter of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar has championed her father’s privatization agenda.

According to her, the privatization policy will promote public-private partnerships (PPPs) and allow the government to focus on providing a business-friendly climate in Nigeria.

Atiku-Uwais said this while speaking in an interview on Channels Television’s The 2023 Verdict on Tuesday.

He argued that liberalization and privatization will open the space for a PPP model that will speed up development in Nigeria.

She said that privatization worked under Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration when Atiku was vice president because it was managed well.

Atiku-Uwais said: “In his pact with the Nigerians, he (Atiku) has always talked about industrialization and privatization.

“When the space is opened up for the private sector to come in, we will have industries that can function, we have industries that make money, pay taxes to the government, and allow the government to mind its own business, diverting from the typical oil industry (dependency) .

“For me, liberalization and privatization will open the space for public-private partnerships with the government and allow the government to focus on what the government should focus on, which is regularization and implementation, and provide an enabling environment for businesses prosper.

“Once the economy is open, you and I are going to see a fantastic difference and my father is a proponent of that and has said it over and over again in his campaigns over the years and it hasn’t changed.”

He urged young Nigerians moving abroad to examine his father’s manifesto, noting that the manifesto contains solutions to the country’s challenges.

Atiku-Uwais, who said that Atiku is determined to leave a good legacy for Nigeria with his presidential quest, expressed his hope that Atiku would win the February 25 election.