She told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the annual event, which started in 2021, was designed to bring together visual artists, poets, dancers and musicians to tell their stories through various forms of art.

According to her, the stories will change the dominant story of insecurity in the northern part of the country by showcasing the region’s rich cultural heritage and tourism potential.

“We started Arts & Vibes because of our love for the arts and how it can be used as a real tool for social change in this part of the country and in Kaduna State in particular.

“Many people are skeptical about the northern part of Nigeria because of the wave of insecurity, but one thing we can do with our arts is change the narrative.

“Through our arts, we will put Kaduna State and the northern part of Nigeria on the global map so that the world sees that there is more than one story of insecurity in the north.

“We want people to know that it is safe enough to do their artistic performances; it is safe to receive people from other parts of the country and the world, which will bring more investment and promote tourism.”

She said that Arts & Vibes was providing the necessary platform for visual artists to showcase their work to the world, while poets get audiences excited with their words of inspiration.

Baba said the event gives young people a voice and platform to express themselves, tell their stories and have the chance to grow beyond Kaduna and Northern Nigeria.

He expressed optimism that the event would grow into an international show in the coming years, drawing people from different parts of the world, who would be inspired through the arts.

Also, Mr Tobi Solomonco-organizer of the show, said the annual event would help foster unity because of people’s love of the arts.

“Our gallery shows different forms of art, from paintings to string art to photography, that depict social issues in a unique way that appeals to people differently.

“In line with the theme of this year’s event, ‘Introspection’, the event brought together like-minded people; people who love the arts look inward to find lasting solutions to the problems that affect us as a people.

“The arts represent peace, beauty and everything good and can be used as a tool to change our negative narratives into something very beautiful and show it to the world.” Solomon said.

one of the artists Mr Ochai Ogabadancer and choreographer, he depicted artists as nation-builders through his aesthetics and philosophical inspiration.

Ogaba, who is the founder of the Mud Art Company, a Kaduna-based contemporary dance ensemble, said artists contribute to the growth and development of society through creativity that addresses social challenges.

“Artists create works of art that inspire people to greatness and encourage citizens to take advantage of tremendous business opportunities and possibilities to improve the quality of life.,” he said.

Also, Lord Godwin Josiahmusical artist and filmmaker, said that peace exists where the arts thrive.

He stressed the need for the government to partner with artists in building sustainable peace.

On using the arts to address poverty and climate change, Josiah said that artists have a duty to raise the necessary awareness about the impact of climate change and advocate for poverty reduction through different forms of art. .

One of the exhibitors Mrs. Laura Galadanci21, thanked the event organizer for giving her a platform to display her artwork.

Galadanci, whose painting “Dark Places” depicts the pain and anguish of the people of Kaduna State, said he would continue to advocate for lasting peace through his painting.

NAN reports that other highlights of the event include an art exhibit, poetry, singing, and panel discussion on art and social change.