The Lagos state government warned on Monday that human rights abuses will not be tolerated in the state, adding that the current administration will bring the full force of the law to bear on any perpetrators.

According to a statement posted on the government’s Facebook page on Monday morning, the Director of the Citizens’ Rights Directorate of the Ministry of Justice, Ms. Adetutu Oshinusi, made this known at an event organized by the directorate, which was held at Ketu Market Lagos.

Oshinusi said the state government would safeguard the rights of its citizens and prosecute human rights offenders to the fullest extent of the law.

He added that the management could and would address all forms of abuse, saying that it is capable of handling all cases of abuse with the aim of curbing it.

She said: “The Lagos State Ministry of Justice, through the directorate, is always available to deal with all forms of abuse, such as child abuse, psychological or emotional abuse, domestic abuse, financial or material abuse, among others, to slow them down in the Express.”

He revealed that the Citizens’ Rights Directorate has the statutory functions to ensure the protection and fulfillment of the fundamental human rights of Lagos State residents, noting that the directorate’s ‘One Stop Child Justice Center’ initiative deals with of all matters related to children in collaboration with other MDAs in Lagos State, thus protecting the rights of its citizens.

Oshinusi noted that the government had been and is ready to continue to protect the rights of all residents regardless of circumstances or political implications, noting that the state government would continue to educate citizens through regular campaigns and awareness programs.

Some of the market women and men, according to the statement, praised management for the awareness program, adding that ignorance makes human rights abuses thrive.