Allied Popular Movement (APM) presidential candidate Chichi Ojei has expressed confidence in winning next month’s presidential election.

Ms Ojei had this to say in Abuja over the weekend in a New Year statement labeled “2023: A glorious future beckons Nigerians.”

There are a total of 18 presidential candidates in the February 25 elections.

Ms. Ojei said that by being the only candidate in the race, she had a better chance of winning.

He said: “With the demographics of Nigerian women and youth increasing, I have a better chance of winning People’s Mandates against other candidates.

“As we approach one of the most historic general elections in the annals of Nigerian politics, it is no secret that the demographics of Nigerian women and youth have increased tremendously.

“I call on all Nigerians who are eligible voters to get their permanent voter cards, especially women and youth, to vote for the Allied People’s Movement.

“I am the only woman and one of the youngest candidates running for president in the 2023 Nigerian general election and voting for me is voting for our future.”

According to Ms. Ojei, the upcoming general elections are another opportunity for Nigerians to fight for the true independence of the nation.

She said that when Nigerians vote correctly and wisely, the freedom to exercise their rights enshrined in the constitution and freedom of expression, association, movement, fairness and justice will be achieved.

“We want a Nigeria that enforces the rule of law, we cannot be slaves in our own country.

“Neither can we be seen as prisoners or victims of the circumstances of our country; pain, tears and sadness should not be the norm or the order of the day.

“Abnormalities should never be normal, we want what is right, not what is wrong, and we need our indifference to become our strength.

“And I represent a new agenda committed to providing innovative, transformative and responsive leadership, hope for Nigerians, unity, better economic conditions and good governance,” he said.

The presidential candidate said she knew the implications of previous leaders’ broken promises and could be held accountable for their promises when elected.

According to her, she will keep her promises when she is voted into power, but she will be proactively involved in good governance.

“I will create an environment conducive to economic prosperity, political stability, national cohesion and socio-religious harmony.

“I am driven by a passion to get Nigeria back on the road to glory. (YAYA)