Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi has reiterated his commitment to phase out the fuel subsidy altogether if elected during next month’s election.

He said removing the fuel subsidy had been high on his list of priorities and that he would end the threat, which he described as “organized crime,” immediately after taking office.

Obi, who provided security on Sunday at the Cabildo Popular 2023 organized by Canales Televisión, said that he would cut off the beneficiaries of the fuel subsidy and leave the issue forever.

“I can assure you that (the subsidy) will go away immediately. The subsidy, I have said before, is an organized crime and I will not allow it to stay another day.

“What they are telling you is not what it is. Half of what is said is not a grant. The first is that we consume the amount that is not supposed to be consumed here. We are the same population with Pakistan. They consume less than 50 percent of what we consume.

“So the first half, I’ll take it away and give the people who are drinking it water, because that’s what they’re supposed to drink, so we can save money.”

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