Of Oluseye Eyeibadan

New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) presidential candidate Rabiu Kwankwaso has urged Nigerians to avoid issues of ethnic and religious politics and choose the best among the candidates.

He vowed to provide determined leadership that will set Nigeria on the path of sustainable development if he is elected president.

Speaking at a presidential parliament organized by the South West Development Stakeholders Forum (SWDSF) yesterday in Ibadan, Kwankwaso said Nigeria is at a stage where strong leadership is needed to unite the nation and ensure that the socio-economic and political challenges besetting the country.

He was accompanied by his running mate, Bishop Isaac Idahosa, and the party’s gubernatorial candidate in Oyo State, Chief Olukayode Popoola. He assured Nigerians that his administration would create job opportunities, an environment conducive for businesses to prosper and promote stability.

“Things have gone bad now. All those good things are not there. That is why we bring this new political party, NNPP. We not only brought the party but elected good candidates in all states, particularly Oyo State. Popoola is our best,” he said.

Kwakwanso, who said that only the best can get the nation out of the current quagmire the country is in, noted that the time has come to have a strong leader, who can stand the test of the challenges the nation is experiencing today. .

He said the All Progressives Congress (APC) which has been running the country for the past seven years and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which has ruled Nigeria for 16 years have failed.

“The status quo required a change. The change is not only the platform, but the candidate. I think this is the time to have something new. This is the time to have strong people.

“People who can withstand the test of the challenges we have today. Now we need a Nigerian who is credible, who has the ability and a track record.”

Kwakwanso also vowed to give priority attention to education and security, adding that he would replicate in Nigeria the achievements he recorded when he was governor of Kano state. He also promised to sponsor local contractors.