Yusuf Akinlotan, Lagos By Yusuf Akinlotan, Lagos

Information and communication technology company, Dervac, has launched a training opportunity for students in Lagos State.

The training is part of efforts to contribute to national development, public image and talent creation to enhance a diverse workforce for youth.

According to a statement from team leader Anjorin Muhsin, the scholarship is part of their corporate social responsibility to drive internal innovation in human capital development and improve social environmental risk and concerns among youth in Lagos and Nigeria in general. .

After this training, students should be able to have a solid foundation in full web development and be able to create and deploy dynamic and interactive web applications. They will also have developed teamwork and collaboration skills, as well as problem solving and critical thinking, as well as a taste for computer engineering and networking.” he claimed.

Students must apply through the company website, fellow.Dervac.com

Dervac is a complete technology team that is poised to deliver inspired services to serve a broad discipline of human endeavor across the country and beyond, from industries including hospitality, healthcare, real estate, educational institutions, residential complexes.

Lateefah Ibrahim