Nigerian electricity distribution company, Ikeja Electric Plc, as part of its efforts to ensure equipment safety for stable electricity across its network, has collaborated with the Nigerian Civil Defense and Security Corps.

This was the result of a meeting between the NSCDC Lagos State Command and a team from Ikeja Electric Plc.

The Ikeja Electric team was led by Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer, Babatunde Osadare, who praised the agency and the police for their tremendous support in protecting Ikeja Electric’s infrastructure and ensuring vandals are arrested and prosecuted.

Applauding their efforts, Osadare said it was important to let the Agency know that vandalism continues to rise, hence the need to urgently intervene.

He claimed that these nefarious activities are sabotaging the company’s efforts to provide excellent service.

He further mentioned that affected communities may experience prolonged power outages due to acts of vandals.

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According to him, Ikeja Electric expects a stronger collaborative working relationship with all law enforcement agencies and community associations in 2023, especially on the issues of vandalism, illegal connections, power theft and all forms of illegal activities within their coverage areas.

Osadare said the company is taking very aggressive measures to meter all of its customers, but is also concerned about the high incidence of meter deviations, illegal connection or reconnection, acts that sabotage proper energy accounting and efficient service delivery.

He stressed the fact that the problems are so severe that they rob the value chain of critical revenue needed to effectively boost the power sector and therefore should be condemned and discouraged by well-meaning members of society. .

He urged everyone to be vigilant and stop anyone found doing illegal acts around IE’s infrastructure for police prosecution.

Also speaking at the event was IE’s Director of Security, Michael Igbodipe, who stated that the main reason why people vandalize electrical infrastructure is because there is a market for stolen items and that is why it is very important that interested parties are focus on everyone involved. in these blackmails to allow us to record a significant result.

Igbodipe suggested that while the company continues to raise awareness among all stakeholders, there is a need for further collaboration with law enforcement agencies to identify those trading in shattered electricity assets, including corporate organizations that provide the platform and support. for trade.

Assuring clients of IE’s commitment to ensuring excellence in customer experience, he advised community leaders and clients to take ownership of their local electrical facilities and protect them from vandalism.