President Muhammadu Buhari has praised Yahaya Bello, Governor of Kogi, for his performance in the areas of security and project execution in the state.

Buhari praised the governor as he inaugurated several projects in the state on Thursday.

Projects include: the Reference Hospital, Okene; the newly built Ohinoyi Palace and the Confidence University of Science and Technology, Osara.

In Lokoja, Buhari commissioned the Ganaja Causeway Bridge, the Muhammadu Buhari Civic Center and the GYB Model High School of Science, Adankolo.

He also praised Bello for following his government’s vision of bringing democratic benefits to citizens.

Buhari said he was inaugurating projects in the state to fulfill campaign promises the governor made to the people of Kogi state.

“Governor Yahaya Bello informed me about the many projects he has executed for the people, including: the Confluence University of Science and Technology in Osara, the rice mill in Ejiba, the hospitals in Idah, Kabba and Okene, the construction of roads in the three senatorial districts, GYB model high schools, among others,” he said.

“In Lokoja there is a flyover project, the first of its kind in Kogi since the creation of the state.”

Buhari further noted that the state is home to the AKK pipeline projects which are due to be completed next year.

He added that the project would help boost the country’s economic activities and said that the multiplier effect on the people of the state remains unquantifiable.

He said no project was closer to his heart than Ajaokuta Steel Company in Kogi state, which he noted was inherited in a dying state from previous governments.

“I am pleased to say that through our concerted effort we are able to resolve the dispute by paying some money and the company is now ready to grant concessions to competent private investors who will put it into operation for the people of Kogi State and Nigerians in general.” . he said.

“We are in talks with a reputable company in the United States and by the grace of God, Ajaokuta will be back very soon to serve the people of Nigeria.

“The importance of bringing Ajaokuta steel back to work is huge as it will create more than 500,000 jobs for Nigerian youth and also generate high revenue for the state and country to the tune of more than $1.6 billion. annual dollars.

“Nigerians must be sure that my administration will bring the Ajaokuta Steel Company issue to a logical conclusion before I step down as Nigerian president.”

“I am impressed with the performance of Governor Yahaya Bello, he has done very well in the area of ​​security and project execution in Kogi State.

“We are proud of him and urge him to do more for the people and I call on the people of Kogi state to support him so that he can achieve and deliver more dividends of democracy and achieve peace and development of the state” .

In his remarks, Bello said: “Mr. President we started running and you told me to be brave in leadership and how to bring out the best in me and today the projects are a testament to the best for the people of Kogi State.

“I followed your steps to ensure that projects and infrastructures have a direct impact on people”.

Bello called for the termination of the Ajaokuta Steel Company, adding that no country can achieve industrialization without iron and steel.

“We are still confident that his effort towards the revitalization of the steel company will still be achieved before his term expires,” he said.