• Olisa Metuh, a former spokesperson for the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) has said that she remains non-partisan when it comes to Nigerian politics.
  • Metuh said he is committed to contributing to issues and efforts that would deepen Nigeria’s democracy and encourage good governance.
  • The reaction of the former PPD spokesman after a report indicating his possible involvement in partisan politics

A former Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) national publicity secretary, Olisa Metuh, has reiterated her earlier position on being impartial on policy issues in Nigeria.

In a statement personally signed by Metuh and seen by legit.ng the former opposition spokesman said he is no longer involved in party politics even as the 2023 election approaches.

Olisa Metuh has said that he is committed to deepening Nigeria’s democracy. Photo: Olisa Metuh
Source: Facebook

Metuh’s reaction follows a post in the online edition of The Niche on Thursday, January 19, which hinted that he was still actively involved in politics.

To set the record straight, Metuh said that he has never had an interview with The Niche or spoken to any of its employees, representatives or the media about matters involving partisan politics in the past three months.

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He said:

“For the avoidance of doubt, since my resignation from partisan politics in October 2022, which was widely reported, I have never made any statement to the media on any matter relating to partisan politics or the fortunes of any political party or candidate under any bear whatever.

“I faithfully worked and served my party for more than 20 years. In my time, I became one of the party’s most influential officials and helped and influenced the careers of many legislators, ministers and governors. I now seek to help and influence the affairs of citizens regardless of their political inclination”.

Focusing on his private life.

Additionally, the former PPD chief said he has since focused on his private life after his October 2022 announcement that he would stay away from partisan politics.

He also reiterated his commitment to engage in areas that could help deepen Nigerian democracy and governance in Nigeria and around the world.

His added:

“There are so many areas to help the nation in addition to any pursuit of personal promotion and/or office.

“I remain committed to my conviction, as I stated in October 2022, that non-partisanship is a sacrifice that grants me the status to work for the strategic interest and well-being of the Nigerian people unencumbered by partisanship.”

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Metuh had previously urged Nigerian politicians to change their ways.

Responding to reports that some senators used a Nigerian Air Force jet to attend a wedding ceremony in Sokoto state, Metuh said such actions by lawmakers expected to uphold law and order are a display of mischief and impunity.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, November 29, Metuh warned that such reckless abuse of influence, power and position by the political class, particularly in the midst of the near collapse of our economy and growing insecurity in our country, is highly reprehensible.

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Source: Legit.ng