The rate of indecency in student clothing at the university is high. It’s so unfortunate to see a city dress turn into a stripper club. It is high time it stopped before it becomes an act that cannot be ignored.

As we all know that the word “indecent” means offensive to good taste. It does not agree with conventional moral values. So therefore, dressing indecently is an act of dressing in a way that is not in accordance with conventional moral values. The question here is what are conventional moral values?

Conventional moral values ​​are accepted values ​​in our society. Indecent dress is not acceptable in society.
It’s so sad to see indecent dress so rampant in colleges. There are no valid differences between a pub and a university. It is a university which means a place where learning happens. It is amazing to see students dress up in a lecture hall as if they were going to a late night party. We see students wearing different types of clothing…