Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria Shri Balasubramanian has revealed that more than 135 Indian companies have so far invested $19 billion in Nigeria over the past four decades of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The Nigerian News Agency reports that Balasubramanian, who revealed during a courtesy visit to the agency, expressed his excitement over the mutual bilateral relations between India and Nigeria.

The high commissioner noted that India and Nigeria have enjoyed a healthy relationship, and his visit was aimed at consolidating these ties and deepening the exchanges of news and cultural programs between the two countries.

“There are more than 135 Indian companies that have invested around $19 billion in Nigeria over a period of years, not in one year, but in the last four decades.

“Most of them are in Lagos. They are everywhere in Nigeria and they are in the manufacturing sector of the economy, steel, oil and gas or pharmaceuticals.

“$3 billion dollars is pharmaceuticals made in Nigeria by Indian companies. There is a strong relationship that we have in pharmaceuticals and other business activities.”

According to him, the country is home to some 60,000 Indians living in and who have made Nigeria their home for the past four decades.

The envoy also promised to strengthen the relationship between his country and Nigeria, with the assistance of NAN management.

He said Nigeria’s invitation as a guest participant to the G20 Summit scheduled for 2023 in India would be a unique opportunity to show the priority of developing countries to the world.

He said the importance of relations between the two countries was well known in India, hence Nigeria’s invitation to the September 9-10 summit in New Delhi.

The envoy listed the mission’s plans to host journalists from across West Africa on field visits to India with a renewed offer of 500 scholarships for Nigerians and promote the study of mass communication in India in 2023.

In addition, he highlighted mission programs like Indian National Day on January 26, Food Festival and Cooking Contest on January 28 and facilitating weekly “Yoga” exercise to boost healthy living.