Former Bauchi State Governor Isa Yuguda has said it would be blasphemy for Nigerians to reject All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu as God’s special gift to them.

According to him, as governor of Lagos State, Tinubu ensured justice and equity in the state considered a mini Nigeria because it is home to the most sophisticated Nigerians and human beings in the world.

Yuguda made this point during the second edition of a symposium organized by the APC Professional Forum in Abuja on Wednesday.

The former governor said: “If he (Tinubu) was able to manage that state with a heterogeneous society and allowed them to come together to come out in peace, promote interactions and incentives for growth and development.

“Every Nigerian must believe that God has already identified him for us. He will make Nigeria what he did in Lagos. We can see those qualities in him, especially being able to relate to every part of human society.

“As a highly experienced politician, we need him in the country today. He has the ability as a politician to manage Nigeria. Asiwaju is a sincere man who wants to make an impact.”

Also at the event, the wife of the APC presidential candidate, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, said her husband will give women 35 percent representation at all levels of government if Nigeria’s next president is elected.

Oluremi said her husband will build on the current administration’s social intervention programs, with greater emphasis on empowering women and youth to lead more families to collective wealth and prosperity.

He noted that the Tinubu administration would work with the National Assembly to promote greater representation of women in government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs).

She said: “Our goal is to have at least 35% female representation at all levels of government. We will also work to progressively improve the number of female legislators at the state and national levels.

“I am a woman and am a beneficiary of Asiwaju’s commitment to empowering women. Although I have always been passionate about charity work and invested heavily in women and youth development as the First Lady of Lagos State, it was with the support of my dear husband that I was also able to take on political leadership roles.

“We need to institutionalize the inclusion and representation of women in politics and governance; this is Asiwaju’s promise to the women of Nigeria.”

Ms. Tinubu further said that the Tinubu/Shettima presidency will focus on empowering the 70 million young Nigerians through job creation and entrepreneurship support efforts and policies.

Her words: “As a mother, I know that one of the biggest challenges young people face is the fear of tomorrow with its uncertainties. This often leads them to take ill-considered risks and make poor decisions.

“As parents, it is our job to create the right environment for our neighborhoods to flourish, grow in self-confidence, learn to be self-sufficient, responsible and useful members of society. This is also a key responsibility for the nation’s leadership.

“To this end, the next APC-led administration will address the issues by: Increasing opportunities and channels to facilitate access to credit to start businesses. The incoming administration will work with commercial banks and encourage them to provide and set aside a share of their projected credit provision for youth-led businesses with loans at significantly low interest rates.

“We will encourage the creation of Innovation and Productivity Centers for young people to submit their ideas and review them for marketability and usefulness. These centers will generate business idea validation reports that will be used in partnership with commercial banks to review loan applications.

“Commercial banks will also be encouraged to ensure that their loan application processes are simplified and that they give higher priority to young people and women with marketable ideas. This will be implemented throughout the federation.

“The incoming Tinubu/Shettima administration will create opportunities and channels for business mentoring for youth. The Innovation and Productivity Centers mentioned initially will serve as incubators for intergenerational business mentoring.

“In addition, the administration will seek the cooperation and volunteer services of 2 million business people and professionals across the country to work with youth during the course of its tenure.

“We believe this foundation will lead to critical thinking, structured reasoning, responsibility, and positive personal development. These featured ingredients will empower youth to find jobs, hone their job skills, and build businesses.”