He said that those who make such insinuations about him have nothing to say but lies and nonsense.

Tinubu spoke in an exclusive interview with Freedom Radio, while on a minor Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

Speaking about the physical activities he engaged in as part of the minor hajj rituals, the former Lagos governor said a sick person cannot finish observing seven journeys between Safa and Marwa and the Ka’aba bypass.

He said, “I told you where I am now. I have just finished performing Umrah. I did the seven rounds of tawaf, I made the seven trips between Safa and Marwa by myself. Can a sick person do that? That is stale news, my brother. The people who are making those insinuations have nothing to say but lies and nonsense.

“Yes, I am here in Saudi Arabia. It is a personal journey. It is a journey of spiritual rebirth. I like to come for Umrah from time to time. It is an opportunity to connect with Allah Almighty, Lam ya lid wa lam yulad. We need your guide. Nigeria needs prayers, and that is why we are here praying for our country, for ourselves and for society.”

On the claim that he has been boycotting interviews, Tinubu said that he has instead been involving people directly and indirectly.

He said, “What do you mean? Aren’t we going to have interviews now? I just finished talking to people through town hall meetings and talking directly to people. Those who say that are losers, and they will lose.

“I moved around, spoke on different platforms, and was on my feet for hours to address different audiences. Before they said that he could not walk; They said they couldn’t stand it. They were embarrassed. Since the campaign began, I have gathered more original ideas than anyone.

“I have demonstrated knowledge, experience and a great capacity to be aware of the country’s issues. And this work is about ideas and issues related to the leadership of our country.”

The presidential candidate stressed that he has what it takes to be president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The former governor also urged Nigerians to look at his background, as well as his past assignments, and vote for him in the upcoming 2023 presidential election.