It was also reported that Friday’s attack in Surulere was the third in a row where suspected thugs had fired weapons and destroyed some of the campaign vehicles in adiranthe convoy.

Subsequently, Lagos State PDP Publicity Secretary, Mr Hakeem Amodein a statement on Saturday, he called Surulere’s attack on Adediran’s team “repugnant to the deepening of democracy in Lagos.”

Amode, who is also Chairman of Media and Advertising for the JandorFunke Governorate 2023 Campaign, said the attacks were “clear evidence of the arbitrariness of APC and the dominance of imperialism”.

According to him, suspected APC-sponsored thugs at Surulere LGA unleashed violence against individuals and groups of individuals in the area ahead of the PDP gubernatorial candidate’s scheduled visit to the hall on Thursday and Friday.

He explained that the visit was a continuation of Adediran’s tour of the 245 districts of the state.

amode said: “The thugs went to the Baale of Ojuoluwa in the Empire area of ​​the LGA to threaten him not to receive the entourage that had been billed to pay him a courtesy visit.

“The gates leading to the entire Empire area were closed and vehicular movement around the area was halted.

“Similarly, the marquee and chairs set up in the Iponri Estate were violently destroyed by APC thug-killers who were armed with dangerous weapons, including pistols, and many of our members who were making arrangements were injured in the altercation that ensued. followed.

“The same group of APC-sponsored thugs mobilized to Soloki Street, Aguda, where Dr. Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran went to observe Jumat’s prayers, welding dangerous weapons, destroying vehicles in the environment and violently vandalizing one of the vehicles. of the Bell.

“They also vandalized the campaign vehicles of our Candidates for the House of Representatives, Honorable Soyinkawho is a titular member of the House of Representatives.

The PDP spokesman added that the political thugs also proceeded to vandalize the PDP Secretariat at 2 Shittu Street, Aguda, during which several members of our party suffered various injuries.

He said that a similar event also occurred in Teniola street where members of the community, who were expecting to receive the entourage of Adediran’s entourage, dispersed and many were also injured during the attack.

“We once again take this opportunity to appeal to the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, President Muhammadu Buharito use his good offices to curb the APC’s anti-democratic practice in Lagos state, against opposition parties.

“This is to ensure that the president’s desire to leave a legacy of credible elections is not cut short on the altar of selfishness and the right of the ruling party in the state.

“We are also taking this opportunity to call on the Inspector General of Police to rise to the occasion and provide adequate security for each and every one so that they can exercise their right to vote in the upcoming elections.” he said.

Amode also called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to ensure that intimidation and harassment do not undermine its efforts to organize credible elections, especially in Lagos state.

He called on all party members to remain determined and focused, saying that PPD leaders and candidates would not be intimidated by thugs.

“We urge all loyal members to view the display of violence as a show from a sore loser who has nothing to offer the people of the state and would do anything to keep squandering our community in the state.

“We urge the ruling party to focus on writing their handover notes because their time is up to run the state.

“Our PDP party and the people of the state will no longer tolerate their misrule beyond 2023,Amode said.

Meanwhile, in a quick reaction, Mr. Seye OladejoAPC Lagos publicity secretary said in a statement that Adediran unleashed terror on innocent residents and three people were reportedly killed in the course of his campaign in Surulere.

“The incident left several injured victims and three people reportedly dead in its wake.

“We strongly condemn the unjustified and unprovoked use of violence against the citizens of the state in the name of the electoral campaign.

“In broad daylight, Jandor’s thugs fired on their hapless victims who were running for their lives,” he said.

According to Oladejo, Lagos values ​​its enviable status as the safest state in the country, the result of long and meticulous investment in security.

He said APC saw the attack as a ploy to strike fear into the hearts of would-be voters as the countdown to the election progresses.

added: “It is pathetic to note that a candidate who seeks to govern the state can be seen actively promoting violence to disturb the peace of citizens.

“The PPD and its candidate have been busy in the last few days, they have been crying in the media that their banners were being torn down. Unknown to the public, he (Adediran) perfected his evil plans that manifested in his rally.

“While we can imagine the untold misery and frustration his faltering campaign could have caused him, it should not result in bloodlust for potential voters.” he said.

The APC spokesperson called on law enforcement to fully investigate the incident, bring the culprits to justice and strengthen security across the state to prevent a recurrence.

He urged residents to remain calm and abide by the law as the state government remains irrevocably committed to its onerous duty to ensure the safety of life and property for one and all.