Former President Goodluck Johnathan has called on Nigerian security services to ensure proper searches, investigation and prosecution to bring criminals and wrongdoers under political cover to justice to deter others.

The 2015 presidential candidate from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), who conceded defeat to President Muhammadu Buhari for the sake of peace in Nigeria, made the call yesterday as he commissioned the 1.15km Afi-Uko Ntighe Bridge in the Mbo Local Government Area of ​​Akwa Ibom State. , he stressed that the scoundrels, the viruses that break down Nigerian democracy must be prosecuted to stop causing trouble in the country.

“But in all this I think that the security services have a lot to do. I believe that whoever commits a crime should not be covered by the policy. Arson is arson and therefore whoever commits a crime, burns down houses, kills, people, a record must be kept and whenever the investigation is completed those people must be prosecuted, that is the only way that people will stop doing it.

“But if people commit crimes and leave, of course other people will be encouraged to do the same. So the security services in Nigeria have a lot to do, they should not forgive any criminal.” He kept.


Highlighting the utility of a bridge. Johnathan said that, coming from a riverside community, he appreciates the utility of a bridge for both the economy and the safety of people, especially travelers.

Commending Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State for his visionary leadership style, Johnathan said, “Let me very sincerely congratulate the Governor and his team on this visionary leadership. I am truly delighted to be here again to witness once again the considerable progress in development that is taking place in Akwa Ibom State.

“What I see every time I visit Akwa Ibom is substantial evidence of well structured, good and promotional projects.

“For the past seven and a half years, my younger brother, His Excellency the Governor Udom Emmanuel, is the one who has been serving as the facilitator of everything we are seeing.

“Four months ago, when Akwa Ibom turned 35 as a state, I was here to participate in the anniversary celebration. Then I noticed that Governor Emmanuel has big projects that directly impact people’s lives in very remarkable ways.

“I was not surprised when he was recently honored by a media organization as governor with the best Economic Plan in the country. He truly deserved the award.

“Governor Emmanuel is a leader whose significant development has brought hope and confidence to our democracy. Governor Emmanuel not only builds physical bridges, he also builds human bridges and social bridges.

“He is a young, innovative, peace-loving and committed nation-builder. The Governor has an enviable disposition to build bridges, the kind that helps cement the fiber of our unity and makes our unique diversity more profitable and desirable. People like him are the stars and the heroes of our democracy,” he stated.

He said more leaders like Udom Emmanuel in Nigeria are needed for their hard work to ensure that democracy yields good fruits and democracy dividends.

“We need more people like him to ensure that our democracy is not deterred. That is why he worries me a little about the negative energy that is being generated in the face of the 2023 general elections ”. He is stressed.

He urged the state’s PDP gubernatorial candidate, Pastor Umo Eno, who was at the event, to ensure that the incumbent’s legacies are preserved when he assumes the mantle of leadership in the state.