The Nigerian Journalists Union, the NUJ Special Delegates Conference based in Kano State, northwestern Nigeria, has removed the National Guidance Agency, NOA, non-practicing information officers and local government public relations officers.

The special session of delegates held at the Efficient event center in Kano, chaired by the union’s national president, Chris Isiguzo, decided during the NUJ constitution review session.

“Delegates at the session gave the go-ahead that NOA staff would no longer be members of the NUJ.

However, NOA elected officials would be allowed to serve their term.” he said.

The delegates also approved the new law that prohibits staff members of information ministries declared non-practicing journalists from being members of the NUJ in the future.

“Local government PR officers should no longer be given NUJ membership status,” he said.

A new law was also passed for the NUJ to henceforth oversee the activities of the Sports Writers’ Association of Nigeria, SWAN.

The union’s national president, Chris Isiguzo, while amending Article 9 of the NUJ constitution resolved to include a new clause stating that any SWAN election not supervised by the NUJ from now on is null and void.

A new clause also inserted in the amendment states that the SWAN national chair must now be treated as “national president”

However, there was an objection to the proposed bill that SWAN should now occupy beat association status.

Dominica Nwabufo