The Kano State Hisbah Board said it managed to detain 2,260 suspected of committing various crimes during patrol from January to December 2022.

Similarly, a total of 1,269 beggars were evacuated from the streets of eight Kano local government metropolitan areas, of whom 386 were repatriated to their respective home states as part of efforts to mitigate street begging in the state.

The junta’s Commanding General Sheikh Harun Sina made the disclosure while speaking to reporters on Thursday.

According to him, most of those arrested for criminal activities were handed over to security agencies for the necessary actions, while minors were reunited with their families.

The GC explained that in the area of ​​reducing social vices, the board managed to disperse 86 immoral gatherings such as same-sex weddings, drug parties and other similar crimes across the state.

Sina explained that 822 disputes have been resolved amicably, while some are still pending in various courts due to their complex nature.

“Fifteen couples got married in Hisbah while 22 people converted to Islam during Da’awah in 2022,” he said.

It noted that 25 beer trucks containing thousands of bottles were destroyed in 2022 and said additional bottles of assorted beer would be disposed of by January 2023.

In the area of ​​strengthening Hisbah activities, Sina said that the Kano State government had recruited 5,700 Hisbah Marshalls as well as 3,100 Hisbah corpsmen, in addition to new structures and renovation of buildings within the Hisbah headquarters. and local government offices.

He said 1,000 Hisbah corpsmen were trained at the NYSC camp in the Kusalla Karaye local government area, adding that the state government also provided new uniforms and other work materials to agency staff to further motivate them.

The GC noted that a new Shari’a court was established at the Hisbah headquarters, Sharada Kano, while the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero, approved the elevation of Hisbah Mosque to Juma’at Mosque.

He said that six Hisbah staff members were sponsored to Saudi Arabia for Hajj to help pilgrims from Kano during the annual pilgrimage.

He advised parents and guardians to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious person or character to the relevant authorities, as the agency will not let up in its efforts to sanitize the state of all forms of social vices.