Edson Arantes Do Nascimento, famous for having killed King Pelé. He died Thursday night after a prolonged cancer ailment at the age of 82.

Instead of grief and regret, the soccer world is showering praise, prayers and loving praise on the man, who undoubtedly garnered more die-hard converts for the beautiful game, with his incredible feats with the game.

Like other true lovers of the game around the world, Nigerian Basketball Federation President Eng. Ahmadu Musa Kida commented that King Pele had lived a full and impressive life.

“I think King Pelé should be celebrated on his death. It is true that we came from Allah and to Him we will return, I prefer to thank God for having given this great legend a good and full life.

“Like millions of soccer lovers, we grew up admiring playing soccer and becoming famous like him. I fell in love with the game and started as a goalkeeper. The rest, as the saying goes, is history because basketball took over,” the multi-award winning sports administrator commented.

Nigerian sports mainstay senior chief Donatus Agu-Ejidike said he is particularly happy that Pelé has lived a good life and that his iconic status has been a great inspiration to millions of footballers and fans past and present. around the world.

“We grew up loving Pele and aspiring to be like him. I tell you, he was God’s special gift to the world. Instead of mourning him, we should celebrate him for a life well spent,” said the beloved sports enthusiast and philanthropist.

For his part, the National President of the Nigerian Football Supporters Club, Ambassador (Rev.). Samuel Ikpea was effusive in his praise for the late soccer icon.

“King Pele undoubtedly played a huge role in making soccer the biggest and most attractive sport in the world. How many of his iconic achievements can we remember?” Ikpea asked rhetorically.

“Many footballers past and present have risen through their love of his influence and exploits. Like millions of excited children growing up, we adopted the name Pele back then. We all wanted to be the new Pele.

“As part of the activities of the Nigeria Football Supporters Club to use football to further preach peace, unity and love to Nigerians, we recently brought the famous Santos Futbol Club from Brazil back to Nigeria to play football. and evoke fond football memories from his past. visit Nigeria during the 1967 Civil War. It is painful that King Pelé, who was a leading member of that Santos team, cannot visit Nigeria again, due to ill health.

“Today it is gone. Rather pain, the world should stand up in unison to celebrate this great soccer hero. I want all football-loving nations and, in particular, FIFA to immortalize King Pele,” said Ikpea.

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