The Nigerian Muslim Students Society Lagos State Area Unit has urged all stakeholders to address the prevailing challenges in Nigeria so that equal rights and peaceful coexistence prevail in society.

MSSNLagos Emir (Chairman) Miftahudeen Thanni made the appeal on Sunday during the formal closing ceremony of the society’s 113th Islamic holiday course in the Epe area of ​​Lagos state.

The ceremony was attended by Lagos State Deputy Governor Dr. Obafemi Hamzat, state legislators, prominent clerics and other prominent personalities.

The student leader said that the patriotism of Nigerians has been weakened by the challenges facing Nigeria.

He noted that “Islam and Humanity” was chosen as the theme of the week-long camp program to reflect on how Islam and Muslims can be saviors from the myriad problems facing humanity.

“From kidnapping to corruption, political assassinations, kidnappings, religious intolerance, and various troubling challenges besetting our nation and undermining our patriotism, the time could not be more propitious to discuss this topic: Islam and humanity. .

“We urge all concerned to meet these challenges to give us a society where equal rights and peaceful coexistence prevail,” he said.

Organizers praised the Lagos state government for issuing a circular to cement the implementation of the Supreme Court ruling granting the hijab to Muslim students in Lagos schools, stating that “the law deepens constitutionalism.”

Ahead of the 2023 general election, Thani urged students and youth to absorb the teachings of Islam while carrying out their civic responsibilities.

He explained that only Allah knows the next set of Nigerian leaders.

“At no time should we get involved in violence, ballot theft, vote buying and other related vices. Allah is the one who best decides our affairs and he knows best what is unknown to humanity, ”he warned.

Addressing the students, Hamzat advised the youth to participate in the upcoming elections.

He explained that his lack of vote was detrimental to good governance. Hamzat pointed out that Nigeria needs good leaders to develop desirable.

According to him, many Nigerian leaders have questions to answer before God.

He said: “The future belongs to the youth whether we like it or not our generation will be leaving soon so it is your country they need to be in the elections that is why they need to ask the right questions because 2023 is about ability and ability to achieve their goals and who are the people who can do it for them based on proven records.”

Commenting on the week-long vacation training, Hamzat expressed his satisfaction with the leadership of MSSNLagos for bringing together youth in and out of state for a legitimate and impactful cause.