Popular Nollywood actor Kunle Remi is in the news, and this time, it’s not for raising the dead, like he did in the Anikulapo’ movie.

The movie star, who had a fantastic 2022, is the subject of controversy for revealing gay activities in the Nigerian film industry.

Homosexual laws in Nigeria

Nigeria has strict laws against homosexuality.

In January 2014, Former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathansigned a bill banning same-sex marriage.

The law criminalizes public displays of affection between same-sex couples and restricts the work of organizations that defend gay people and their rights.

It also imposes a 14-year prison sentence on anyone who enters into a same-sex marriage or civil union contract and a 10-year sentence on persons or groups, including religious leaders, who “witness, abet, and assist to solemnize a union or marriage between persons of the same sex”.

Like Mr. Ibu, Kunle Remi

A similar scenario played out in 2015 when veteran…