The Kwara State government has launched an awareness campaign to inform the people of the state about the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding and home gardening, assuring them of its strong determination to promote nutrition in the state.

The awareness campaign was part of the activities of the Kwara State Ministry of Communications Food and Nutrition Awareness Programme.

The team is made up of staff members from the Kwara State Ministries of Communications, Health and Agriculture and Rural Development, and the Kwara State Highway Maintenance Agency.

State Communications Commissioner Hon. Saddiq Buhari made the call on the sidelines of the Food and Nutrition Awareness Campaign on Saturday with the theme ‘Operation Feed Yourself’ and ‘Exclusive Breastfeeding’.

Buhari affirmed that good nutrition is important for a healthy and balanced life, and asked parents, especially mothers, to ensure that they take care of their babies and follow the instructions of health providers when breastfeeding newborns in the first 60 minutes of life after birth. , and exclusively during the first six months with zero water.

In her words, “Exclusive breastfeeding, also called LME, is as advantageous as it is cheap. God in his infinite wisdom has provided all the needs of our babies for the first six months of life and we do not need to use our money to buy milk for them, other things being equal, until they are over six months old.

“Breast milk will come naturally and, according to the World Health Organization, it has all the nutrients your babies need to carry them through the first 6 months, after which you start complementary feeding. Water is in breast milk in the right amount so there is no need to give water to a baby under 6 months who is exclusively breastfed.

“The Government of Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has equipped our health facilities and our Primary Health Care Centers are working efficiently to ensure that maternal and neonatal health is guaranteed and significantly reduce the cases of victims.”

For her part, the team leader of the awareness campaign, Dr. Fátima Amuda, said: “The awareness campaign focused on the practice and benefits of early initiation and exclusive breastfeeding, and the benefits of home gardening.

Other participants in the campaign are stakeholders in the State Food and Nutrition Committee of the Ministries of Communications, Health, Agriculture and Rural Development, Planning and Economic Development, Local Government, Headquarters Affairs and Community Development, Women’s Affairs, Primary Health Care Development Agency, Kwara State Agricultural Development Project and Civil Society Nutrition Promotion in Nigeria.